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Mastermind Week – Action Changes Mindset – Always – COVID Update

Well I survived COVID. I am officially, as of last week, COVID free. It was absolutely the most sick I have ever been in my life. I still have some residual fatigue and a lingering cough, but both are improving daily. A big thank you to all of you that emailed your home remedies, well wishes, and prayers. It truly meant a lot to me to have ya’lls support.

Since I was sick and could do little more than watch Netflix – I had a lot of time to just sit and think for nearly three weeks.
I have come to a conclusion, an immutable truth of life…


I, personally, have gone through a massive amount of change in the last 18 months. Some, I have shared in previous emails and our book Mr Texas Real Estate Reserved – a collection of stories from 2019 to 2021.

I’ve been reluctant during my real estate seminars, key note speeches, and podcasts to discuss mindset. I’ve always found that when others present on mindset it comes off as cheesy affirmations accompanied by a “vision board” with day dreams of fancy cars, McMansions and exotic beach vacations.

I think you can distill down nearly everything in life to action. I always hear self help gurus spouting platitudes about “finding your passion.” It is impossible to find your passion if you are too scared to take action.

One area of study I have started is the idea of judgement as it relates to ones’ ideals. I know the topic of judgement is a 3rd rail in 2021, however if you have no ideals how do you judge what you are doing is correct or requires a change?

I listened to an excellent podcast today where the hosts discussed relationships and how their problems, ideals, habits, quickly become yours. Everyone is different however there are some real ideals that – if not embraced by all – can be a real drag on the relationship, personal or business.

So I encourage yall to take action and join us at one of our events this week. Let’s start taking action – together.

It is Mastermind Week at Mr Texas Real Estate. We have a whole host of events this week culminating with the quarterly Mastermind Weekend. See below.


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