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Preorder Our Book – Mr Texas Real Estate Reserved

Click here to preorder I am proud to announce the preorder of our book Mr Texas Real Estate Reserved.There are a litany of folks to thank for the completion of this book – however – of special thanks – both my partners Rob and Brian, contributed greatly to this creative endeavor. Rob, for ensuring that …

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Trigger Points Interview – Recording

Robb Trigg of Jet Lending will interviewed Jason Bible, Mr Texas Real Estate on his podcast Trigger Points. Click the graphic above to be taken to the recording hosted on the Jet Lending YouTube page. Watch Rob Trigg, Director of Loan Operations at Jet Lending interview Mr Texas Real Estate Jason Bible as they go …

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Small Apartment Mastery & Inflation

More interesting inflation news. Most major auto manufacturers are scaling back luxury features because they can no longer receive microchips from vendors in a timely fashion. The side affect is a decrease in autos available for sale – which in turn will cause their prices to continue to rise.https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/automakers-cutting-out-high-tech-components-vehicles-amidst-unprecedented-semi-shortage Late 2019 I was searching for …

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Inflation Is Running Wild

Inflation is running buck wild around the globe. I am listening to Peter Schiff’s show and he is talking about the increasing cost and supply shortages of pool chemicals. Way back in December I dedicated an entire radio show to the dangers of inflation and the impact on real estate. You need real estate in your portfolio – you need a lot …

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The Reason We Only have 2 Good Years Of Investing Left

Way back in 2016 I predicted that this would be the last generation of “mom and pop” real estate investing. Yes “mom and pop” means you if you are reading this email. I mentioned nearly 5 years ago that individual investors working with agents, wholesalers, and other investors to purchase one single family house at …

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Bigger Than Hurricane Harvey – 2021 Winter Storm Update

It is Friday – less than a week since the winter storm covered most of the US. I have been in constant communication with Investors across Texas and the southwest. For Houston – The 2021 winter storm will be bigger than hurricane Harvey for real estate investors and homeowners. The biggest mistake I made was …

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