If You Think Real Estate Is Expensive Now....Just Wait

Single-family rental properties are one of the simplest vehicles to create and retain wealth. The largest asset class in the world, worth approximately $300 trillion, can provide consistent income through rents, reduce taxes from depreciation, and create wealth with appreciation.

There are five ways single family real estate creates wealth and income.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is created when rent exceeds all expenses including taxes, interest, principle, and vacancy. Typical cash flow for members of THE Mastermind is $300-$500 per month per door.


Appreciation is created when there are more buyers than sellers in a marketplace. In Texas, single-family real estate has consistently appreciated over the last 100 years. Although the market may slow, and dip, in large real estate crashes, (i.e. 1987 and 2007), the overall trend is that single-family real estate has always increased in value.


Deprecation is an accounting term that allows the owner of an asset to “write off” physical assets against income over the asset's useful life. In some cases, careful tax treatment can reduce earned income to nearly zero, and the investor may owe little to no income taxes.

Debt Paydown

Debt paydown occurs when a renter leases the property, and a portion of the rent is applied towards the debt. This effectively eliminates it as an expense and the equity created by debt reduction is retained by the owner.


In most cases, members of THE Mastermind, are acquiring properties that have 20% equity at the time of purchase. This equity is created by prudent purchasing practices and renovating an eyesore property.

Why You Should Join THE Mastermind

Diverse Approach

THE Mastermind is a group that shares openly and honestly about successes and challenges in each of our business’s models. This group of professionals facilitates individual members to achieve their desired goals and support their progress.

Results Based

THE Mastermind program is not a website or database that can "hack" your real estate careers. In actuality THE Mastermind lays out a personalized approach to real estate, investing in realistic goals, in a practical time frame.

Why You Should Not Join
THE Mastermind

No Magic Box

If you're someone that is looking for the "silver bullet," "magic box," "red pill" or "secret gurus” this group is not for you.

No Easy Money

Anything of value takes work. We can share and train on the best practices, but you have to put in the effort to achieve your desired results.

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