The Texas Portfolio Builders Club (TxPBC)

The TxPBC is an intimate team of Realtors, investors and wholesalers that find real estate properties for the TxPBC. They work exclusively for Jason Bible, and at his direction concentrate on finding cash flowing or high equity deals around the Gulf Coast.

TxPBC Benefits

Monthly Market Updates

Jason Bible provides monthly updates on the real estate market along with insight and recommendations.

Private WhatsApp Group

Gain access to our private WhatsApp group and email list to gain insight on exclusive real estate deals.

Monthly Networking

Join us for dinner, drinks, and networking every month with other members of the club to discuss new opportunities and hear case studies.

Access To Our Portfolio Builder Tool

Our portfolio builder tool allows you to see upcoming opportunities, track your current investments, and monitor the progress of your properties.

Start Building With TxPBC

  1. Sign A Buyers Representation Agreement
  2. Print A Current Bank Statement
  3. Obtain A Prequalification Letter From An Asset-based Lender
  4. If You Are Using An LLC, The LLC Must Be Created And In Good Standing

Once these four items are complete you will be added to the email list and WhatsApp group so that you can start building your portfolio today.