Burdened With Glorious Purpose – Real Estate

The first real estate investment club I attended was an interesting experience. The event the club was hosting was a case study night – typically members of the club share a few successful deals they recently closed and discuss their returns and lessons learned.

At the end of the meeting I struck a conversation with two gals sitting next to me and asked if they owned any real estate. No they didn’t – my next question was how long have they been a member of this club…

7 Years….

Members for 7 years and not a single property owned….incredible

Last night, Rob and I hosted “Jason’s Property Hunt,” it is for our Mastermind members. Rob and I contract properties on behalf of the group and the Mastermind gets right of first refusal on any single family we contract in Houston.

We presented about 7 deals last night and all but one were bought by the 10 or so Mastermind Members present in the room. I think the worst deal we had was a 15% CoC but with massive equity.

When I host real estate events or speaking from stage it always shocks me how much people want to change but rarely do.
Most people do little to nothing to change their lives.

I personally believe that one of the most nihilistic things in life is to “just be yourself” or “you are just fine how you are.”
\What is the point of life if you never grow and become something greater?

The secret to life is growth. – Jim Rohn

When I was first introduced too investing in real estate I recognized that it provided a means to build a portfolio that could fulfill my goals beyond my mortal years. I just had to change my habits and beliefs towards investing in something that produced cash flow and equity.
At the end of the first real estate investment club meeting I was given something new…

I Am Burdened With Glorious Purpose – Real Estate

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