Passive Investing Made Simple

We have worked for years with passive, buy & hold, real estate investors and they have all experienced the downside of passive. These include managing existing tenants, toilets, taxes, consistent maintenance calls, evictions, finding new tenants and properties, manage rehabs, etc.

None of the above are passive.

What if there were a hassle-free way to enjoy the benefits of real estate and to do so 100% passively?

The American Recovery Fund

The American Recovery Fund, (“The Fund”), allows investors to invest passively in real estate throughout the state. The Fund is a 506(c) and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Texas State Securities Board.

The Fund invests in single-family real estate and small apartments in South Texas. Currently, the fund has $7M in real estate and nearly 30% in equity in The Fund’s properties.

The American Recovery Fund is a great way to invest passively in real estate. The Fund pays 9% preferred return with 10% equity when an asset is sold by the fund.

The Fund can use investors’ self-directed IRAs. So, if you have capital sitting in an IRA, put it to work in the fund.

The minimum investment is $25,000, but we would prefer a minimum of $100,000, and for Accredited Investors only.

Why You Should Join THE Mastermind

Diverse Approach

THE Mastermind is a group that shares openly and honestly about successes and challenges in each of our business’s models. This group of professionals facilitates individual members to achieve their desired goals and support their progress.

Results Based

THE Mastermind program is not a website or database that can "hack" your real estate careers. In actuality THE Mastermind lays out a personalized approach to real estate, investing in realistic goals, in a practical time frame.

Why You Should Not Join
THE Mastermind

No Magic Box

If you're someone that is looking for the "silver bullet," "magic box," "red pill" or "secret gurus” this group is not for you.

No Easy Money

Anything of value takes work. We can share and train on the best practices, but you have to put in the effort to achieve your desired results.

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