Faith & Change

This past weekend we hosted our Mastermind Weekend. Once a quarter we all get together and share notes – case studies, best practices challenges, and – oh – we bought some properties.

We hosted the meeting at the Texas Real Estate Investment Center and we had a little more than a third of our group assembled, about 20 families. Friday morning Rob surveyed the room and asked the group how many properties the group had bought in the last 90 days.
The Mastermind members’ in attendance bought $10.4MM in real estate with $4.2MM in equity, in the last 90 days. This does not include the millions in deals that Rob and I closed.

Whenever The Mastermind meets, I am in awe of how many members have changed over the last 90 days. Something happens when you start taking action – and it won’t allow you to stay the same.

The best journeys are those that change you.

However, before the journey begins you have to have faith. I think there are a lot of investors that struggle with faith. What is faith for investors?

I find faith to be a few things in investing.

Faith that the market will continue rise, as it always has over 40 years in Texas – increasing property values and rents.

Faith in others – the help you need to rehab, rent and manage the asset will be there when you need it.

I think the biggest one I see is a lack of faith in yourself – that when you close a deal you may make a few mistakes and that is OK. No reason to beat yourself up – as long as you learned something from the experience.

This also means ignoring negative people in your life. When you make mistake or when they simply tell you can’t do it – ignore these people – even if they share your last name.

It is nearly impossible to not change, get better, if you have faith paired with action.

The vast majority of folks out there are content with being the same and they wonder why their personal relationships are a mess.

They wonder why they are so “unlucky” with finances, despite the fact they have never changed their relationship with money.

They wonder how they are ever going to retire but never spend the time changing their investment strategy.

I can’t fix the first two but I can certainly fix the retirement problem.

Get involved, take action, allow yourself the faith to begin and the journey will change you in ways beyond anything ever imagined. You are welcome to join us on the adventure as a passive or active investor. Reply to this email.

Or stay the same as everyone else – there’s nothing wrong with being average at best….

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