Biles v Strug – The Lesson – Most Missed

Oh yes I am wading right into this controversy. If you missed it Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast of all time, withdrew from the team and individual women’s gymnastic finals for mental health reasons.

Some folks are all up in arms because she’s not “really” injured and she let the country down; others believe she is brave for withdrawing for her health.

Social media is awash with silly posts and, per usual, disagreements are turning into all out wars. It is all absurd – which is why I don’t read much on social unless I am tagged in a post.

However, I think there is a very powerful lesson that most are missing.

Biles is not guaranteed another Olympics.

If you recall all the way back in 1996 Strug was injured – could barely walk – and had to vault, twice, in order to bring home the gold medal for the USA. She retired from gymnastics shortly after – in part due to the severity of the injury she sustained during the Olympics.

So what is the lesson?

Biles has had an incredible career, but she is not guaranteed to compete in four years.

We are not promised tomorrow.

We are absolutely not promised that tomorrow will be better than today. I see this with investors daily. They are WAITING for the perfect opportunity to invest, the perfect deal, teed up just right so they can hit that grand slam.

You are not promised tomorrow – you could have health, financial, relationship, etc., challenges that prevent you from closing deals in the future – regardless of how great or poor the market is performing.

You are probably reading this and thinking – yea Jason I should not wait to invest and you would be right. Do not wait. Get out there and start bringing value to the market place by providing deserving families with affordable housing.

If you won’t do it – who will?

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