Stop Spouting The Rules And Play The Game

I was the guest of honor/keynote for a follow eXp realtor in the Heights last week. There were about 30 investors and agents in attendance.
I started my customary intro and decided to stop and add two statements.

  1. Have you closed a deal in the last 12 months?
  2. Your goals don’t matter.

If you have not closed a deal in the last 12 months – you are starting all over as a new investor. I could make an argument that if you have not closed one in 3 months the same applies. This market has changed dramatically – and it still is – rapidly.

Goals are a funny thing. We make goals based off the information we have at the time we made them. If you have not closed any deals – or so few – how do you know what you can really achieve?

When I asked the group about closings and goals I heard a slew of excuses, prices too high, wholesalers bad deals, greedy sellers, etc.
We spent the better part of 30 minutes spouting the rules and not playing the game.

The game is cash flow – PERIOD. Nothing else matters. If you can raise the cash to close the deal – do it. This market is not going to slow down until sometime after 2025. Lock in that massive appreciation today.

The key is to get around investors actually closing deals. Come by Friday for our monthly fish fry meetup.

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