The Only Drug That Works

Failure is the only drug that works. -JB

Throughout the month of May, I have attended a handful of events and I’ve found this month’s theme – Real Estate is Hard.

Wholesaling is the hardest business to make real money at, although it is sold as the easiest way to get started. I’ve talked to 100s of folks this week and they are all down on wholesaling. The joke I floated on the radio show this morning was – the smartest wholesalers hate wholesaling.

After nearly 2000 deals I never want to flip or wholesale another house the rest of my life. Small apartments, Airbnb, and long term rentals are so much better than what I used to do as a flipper and wholesaler.

There is a better way.

Tomorrow I am hanging out with a few folks in the Heights to talk about opportunities in this market. RSVP below.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/current-real-estate-market-and-opportunities-tickets-142624007245

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