My Thoughts On Wall Streets’ Reaction To Gamestop

If you are not following what is going on this week on Wall Street click this link for the story. Click here.

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The point of my email is to address Wall Streets’ reaction to retail investors, people like me and you, taking over a stock and nearly bankrupting several large hedge funds in the process. Wall Street, and their ilk, are furious today because we made a ton of money while they lost money.

Below are two videos of “professional traders and investors” reacting to retail traders propping up a stock/company. The disdain these people have for folks like me and you is incredible. They, Wall Street insiders, are claiming that we shouldn’t trade like they do because “we” could get hurt.

This is exactly how we ended up with a litany of securities regulations. Rob and I have spent a Lamborghini’s worth in legal fees just to meet or exceed the governments requirements for offering investing opportunities to friends and family.

Rest assured – there will be a “Gamestop” rule proposed and passed this year to “protect” the little guy from himself. In reality all it will do is continue to exacerbate the real wealth gap and shrink the middle class.

All of this is so ironic since “we” bailed out a litany of mismanaged financial firms in 2009.

Let this be yet another reminder that the folks managing your money and assessing the value of companies bought and sold in your retirement account are not looking out for your best interests.

To put this succinctly – buy more real estate – at least it cash flows – and will not lie to you about its’ intent.

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