THE Money Raising Class – Get in now and Save $$$ on your next deal

The class that is all about raising money is this March. Rob and I have raised tens of millions this year in private capital. If you want to learn how we do it – and not just theory – attend this class.

By using the techniques we will teach you in this class you will save thousands on your next deal. Class is limited to less than 30 participants.
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This three day workshop will help curate a 90 day plan for the new & experienced investor to begin raising private capital. There are three ways to raise private capital:
Private Capital From Individuals

  1. How to effectively raise money one-on-one & in a group setting.
  2. Have investors seek out your deals
  3. Create long-term relationships with your investors.
  4. Build a system to consistently raise capital though your own network of private lenders.


  1. How to raise money legally for syndications with confidence in your due diligence.
  2. How to maximize the network of other investors.
  3. How to prepare marketing collateral to manage investors expectations, disclosures and on-boarding.


  1. Understand the benefit of working with Accredited investors only.
  2. How to openly market for accredited investors in your fund.
  3. Crowdfunds setup cost between $25,000 to $250,000. Its critical to understand which crowdfund vehicle is right for you.

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