The Doers – $100MM in THE Mastermind – 5 Under Contract

This past weekend at the Texas Real Estate Investment Center we hosted THE Mastermind. There were about 10 of us that physically attended the event and of those in the room, my quick math, put us at about $100MM in closed deals in the last 3 years.

On Friday afternoon I fired up my laptop and I made 7 offers on behalf of our members. As of this morning, Sunday, we have 5 under contract.
Small but mighty group of doers.

Whats the goal of THE Mastermind – action – building wealth does not happen by accident.

We have 6 memberships available for the month of March. They are $10,000. The price goes up to $12,500 April 1st. Reply to this email or text Mastermind to 281-401-9008.

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