Rental Market CRASH!!!!

Whenever I listen to an “expert” – e.g. some random real estate investor, three drinks in at a real estate club meeting – talk about a crash I ask one simple question. “What is the number?”

What’s the number? Simple question hard to answer. The number I am looking for is how MUCH will the market crash? 5-10-50%? What’s the number?
The New York rental market is turning out to be an excellent case study for what happens when there is a collapse in demand for rentals.
So what’s the number in New York?

17% – median rents “crashed” 17%.

The firms said a little over half (54%) of the leases came with huge incentives such as free months of rent. They said by factoring in the perks for new tenants. The median rent plunged 17% to $2,800.

The economy in New York was shut down for nearly a year and rents only dropped 17%. If you are purchasing cash flowing properties with at least a 1.25 DSCR – the asset would still cashflow with a reduction in rents.

The Morale of The StoryFear of real estate crashes are greatly exaggerated. If you buy it right the risk of losing a massive amount of cash in a downturn is greatly reduced.

The key here is where you buy and how you buy. This is what we spend most of our time on when finding properties for members of THE Mastermind.
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