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Help With My Personal House?

I received a huge response to this last email. Below you will find a brief course outline and details for the class. It is very affordable use promo code mrtxre.

We only have 25 tickets available.

Enter promo code mrtxre 

This is an in-the-field class for homeowners and real estate investors. Jason and Rob are renovating Jason’s personal residence. Jason and Rob will be hosting classes at Jason’s house in Spring Branch. This allows class participants to experience the renovation in real time.

Jason’s house is approximately 1200 sqrft 3/2 that is being converted into a 2/2. The large lot and huge pool are part of the renovation project. The house will be renovated from the studs and foundation to the roof. They are building to a midcentury modern style and anticipate the project to take several months.

Throughout the renovation meetings will be held at the project and on line. Schedule of classes will be flexible as construction labor, materials, and impacts from weather and permitting can change weekly.

You will have access to Jason and Rob throughout the project.
A few of the course’s objectives

  1. Design your signature Kitchens and Baths that you can repeat over and over.
  2. Understand the value of upgrades to your bottom line.
  3. Discover the true value of curb appeal.
  4. Know what buyers want.
  5. Know what renters are looking for.
  6. Understand the true cost of labor and materials for you next rehab.
  7. How to find great sub-contractor who will be loyal.
  8. Build a productive flipping team to help you save time so you can focus on finding more deals and money!
  9. Learn the different levels of material grades and which are suitable for your flips.
  10. Where are the best places to find the best deals on your materials?
  • Who has the best value on cabinets?
  • Where to find the best looking flooring.
  • How to maximize saving at Home Depot.
  • What stores have the best rewards programs?

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