THE Mastermind 2021


I was chatting with Rob today and we decided to open THE Mastermind up for 6 more members. Join by January 15th and the annual membership will be extended an additional 90 days.

What is THE Mastermind?

It is a peer group of real estate investors that share resources – deals, money, expertise, contractors, etc., to help grow their wealth.
How successful are members of THE Mastermind?Our members captured nearly $7.5MM in equity in 2020. There are less than 50 members so that is nearly $150,000 in equity per member. Currently, we only have one member that has not closed on a real estate transaction.

What is included with THE Mastermind?

  • Access to Jason and Rob – members have our mobile numbers to get a hold of us at anytime
  • The Whatsapp group – this is a very active group where you can get you questions answered quickly.
  • Access to Jason and Rob’s deals. We are sent deals all the time. We offer right of first refusal to members for single family deals. If Rob or I contract a deal we send it out to THE Mastermind first. If everyone passes on the deal we buy it.

Improvements in 2021

  • Co-op insurance – we started an insurance company in 2020 and will be offering discounts to our members.
  • Co-op property management – over the last year we were not satisfied with some aspects of our property management companies. So we started our own. As a member of THE Mastermind you have access to our property management team.
  • Purchasing workshop and group – receive huge discounts on materials by leveraging our buying volume. We are one of the largest purchasers from Home Depot and other suppliers. You can use our account to get the same great discounts we get.
  • Lower cost to borrow money. We partnered with private lenders to reduce points, interest and fees on short term loans.

Note – by simply closing one deal you will more than makeup for the cost of joining THE Mastermind.
If you are interested in joining THE Mastermind reply to this email or text “mastermind” to 281-401-9008. and we can schedule a call.

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