New to The Mastermind: Jillian Sidoti!

We want to welcome our newest facilitator to The Mastermind, the brilliant, cool, fun, and amazing Jillian Sidoti!
Jillian is the top SEC Attorney in the country, investor, syndicator, mom, educator, public speaker, author, and we are so excited to have her expertise and experience a part of this group!

Jillian will be working with our Mastermind Members on how to use SEC regulated funds to build a portfolio, share her knowledge on how to raise capital in this market, and so much more.

The price of the Mastermind will be going up, so join today before it does!

About The Mastermind

We are looking for individuals or couples that meet the following criteria:
– 700 FICO Score
– 6 Figure income
– Capital ready to deploy
We would love to sit down with you and your spouse/partner and make sure you at the right point in your real estate investing (REI) career to take advantage of the Mastermind opportunity.

It is $10,000 for the first year. You can pay here…. Join THE Mastermind!

We want to get folks started in the short term, so we are all on the same page for the meeting this quarter. We have a 12 step on boarding process that will shape your investment strategies so that you can begin once you sign up.

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